Giving Special Children a Place to Live

Caminul Felix Romania has come to a time when we need to expand our capacity to fulfill the vision of giving all of our children the opportunity to reach their God given potential.

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Our Motivation

After 30 years of saving abandoned children, we have a growing community of adult children with special needs. This is why our Assisted House Project needs to be built TODAY!

Over the years Caminul Felix has taken care of over one thousand children. Some of them became doctors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, business owners and most of them started their own families and have children of their own. This is what Caminul Felix is about, FAMILY. That is why we love all our family and we do not leave anybody behind. There are special people in our family who God put in our lives to take care of them to the end of their lives. That is why we are starting a new home called the Assisted House.

This is where the kids that grew up in Caminul Felix and are with special needs will enjoy their God given lives.

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